Attract an audience

There's a great way of increasing your audience - the social share buttons!

As well as helping to boost your own posts, you may also wish to share someone elses content to show support (or simply because you like it!)

It's simple..  as shown below, click onto the post you wish to share. Above the title you'll find icons for recognisable social platforms. Let's choose Twitter as our example: 



The following box will pop up onto your screen. If you're a Twitter user, you'll know how to take it from here! Remember to add @ tags! Especially if you're sharing someone else's content, you'll want to make sure they see your support. 


I hope this helps - for more tips check out my profile, the community tips tab or search discussions by the 'Using the site' category.



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  • Ooo what a great tip thank-you Jessie.

    • You're welcome Mia, I hope you find it useful :) 

  • Amazing, again learning something I didnt know! :) Thanks for sharing Jessie!

    • Woo i'm on a roll. Thanks Siobhan! 

  • Thanks for the tip Jessie

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