A Heads-Up

📸 😀 True story - I had a shoot with an offshore consultancy company yesterday. 


I researched their website before the session to get feel for who they are as a business and quickly googled to see how other similar businesses present themselves. In this particular niche, I found that nobody had headshots on their website. Nobody!


People buy from people and seeing the faces of the people you are doing business with helps to establish trust. By being the one company who do have headshots on their website, my client just elevated themselves above ALL of their competitors.

In a highly competitive world, it's the subtleties and nuances that will separate us from the rest. How we present our business online is a huge part of this and having a smart, current, authentic profile photo is one of the best ways to make a connection with potential clients.

If you want to show yourself in the best light, you can update your Linkedin headshot at my next Headshot Day on Friday the 2nd of September at Aloft Hotel, next to TECA / P&J Live. Link in the comments or DM me if you's like more info.

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  • For anyone reading this the true takeaway from Grahams post should be do your research before you meet. That way you have a better understanding of your prospect and a possible angle to focus on during your discussion. Well done Graham

    • Thanks, David!

  • Excellent post, Graham. And as usual, great pictures!

    • Thanks, Andrew!

  • Well done Graham - research paid off & i'm sure they'll be delighted. These headshots are great!

    • Thanks, Jessie!

  • Full info and booking at: 


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